The Curse of Stone Island

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Let me tell you a story, in poetical verse
A curious riddle, the Stone Island curse
A deserted place, in Botany Bay
Where the mystery remains, a secret today

The journey from land, to this small island’s beach
Will take nearly two hours, to sail and to reach
There’s no harbour to dock in, no moorings to rest
Pull up on the beach, and just do your best

Legend does have it, on this island is hiding
A valuable treasure, entombed in a siding
But the hiding place, has yet to be found
And on leaving the island, everyone drowned

As the thunder cracks, the lightening bolts
The torrential rain, the search it halts
Those that have braved, for this treasure to find
Walked into a storm, bad weather unkind

The trees they bowed, like homage to a king
The winds picked up, great waves did bring
The seagulls they huddled, as the beach was drenched
The boat came loose, from the beach was wrenched

The sky went dark, and the air it chilled
This was no place, for the frail weak-willed
There was no map, so where was the tomb
Perhaps in the graveyard, the church’s crypt room

They saw the church, and towards it they went
The ground it opened, a message was sent
Again island deserted, the beach was black
Another expedition, hadn’t made it back

Four days later, on the mainland rocks
A reef of lilies, the sea unlocks
Destroyed remains, of the boat emerge
The Stone Island curse, did once again surge

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