A Silent Hymn

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Oh no she screamed, oh no he wailed
Her face it drained, his face it paled
Their eyes they met, their hands took hold
Despair moved in, it all went cold

The rain it poured, the wind it blew
Upon the deck, a crowd it grew
From starboard side, and onto port
Tension rose, became so fraught

The bell it rang, the band stopped playing
A rolling ship, did not stop swaying
The waves they crashed, such torrid times
Alarm bells rang, the final chimes

And just before them, there just looming
An awesome sight, most consuming
Silently, in the night did float
It was getting closer, to the boat

The captain fought, and orders gave
Crew they tried, they were so brave
The water pushed, the iceberg smelt
Ocean won, disaster dealt

Lifeboats lowered, mayhem ruled
Do or die, no one was fooled
Women and children, there was no other way
Chivalry lives, some may say

Like knife through butter, impact made
Panic through the ship, it sprayed
Water flooded, the ship it listed
The couple though, they still resisted

With hands still tied, in light so dim
He sang to her, a silent hymn
She slipped her arms, around his waist
Their lips did meet, their love did taste

From the upper deck, the captain looked
He knew for sure, his ship was hooked
He saw the couple, a smile did brave
Wished them well, beyond the grave

The ship went down, there was no trace
Iceberg showed, its evil face
Ocean lapped, the storm was gone
But still, the couple’s hands held on

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