48TH Musketeers Challenge: Of Scars And Stories

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

(I am not too sure whether this is on the right subject, but I hope you enjoy!)

Like indelible ink, tattooed onto my arm
Memories not fading, can create much harm
Looking back on the times, remembering so much
Surreal the feeling as if I could touch

Old wounds reopened, episodes recalled
For better or worse, the memory stalled
Be it for good or for bad, historic or recent
The story to tell was it rotten or decent

The scars remain, and the stories too
Some are loved, yet some are taboo
Like Hans Christian Anderson, they all have a theme
A hateful nightmare or a beautiful dream

That tattoo on my arm, in indelible ink
You could rejoice in remembrance, be lonely and sink
If recalling the past, brings you too much pain
Them from the memory section, on this one abstain

This challenge is good, the emotions tough
Enjoy the smooth, but repel the rough
Scars and stories, stories and scars
Many are pedalled around the bars

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