The Quill

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

When you write a poem, from your database of thoughts
Memories flow, emotion courts
The quill just seems, to have a mind of its own
In poetic wilderness, you are all alone

The journey begins, let the story unfold
In with the new, and out with the old
As poet you dream, as author you write
A tranquil passion, amazing sight

The words you choose, the lines you create
Can often lead, to healthy debate
Theme you adopt, scrutiny offers
All is hatched, from the poet’s coffers

The path that’s followed, the taken route
An escapist world, a runaway chute
But as the writer, fulfilled and content
On personal experience, you completely leant

You offer a vision, a point of view
Where others read in, to the mind of you
So keep the quill, and the inkwell filled
And to the curious reader, perhaps keep him thrilled

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