a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Young Democracy just after
Conquering the war greater,
Commanded the glamour ‘Contract’
To deal pending pacts & digressions
And resolve all confrontations
Before the day of the jollity
And invite spouses true to their love
To be honoured in the freedom festivity

Amidst beguiles and bands,
Gnomes of the dead kings,
Offered seven cute damsels:
Rumour, promise, depravity,
Corruption, deception, falsity
And greed full of sensuality.
To encourage all in duality & dubiety
To defile & debase virtues
And defame & deter Lady Contract.

‘No, let me deal fair & plain
As they may detract the pure’;
‘Think so not’, said the impure,
‘These are forces of Rule sure
Till ego damns to shivering secure
Says not so, it's surely a pure cure
Not to prove a failure.
In delusions and deviations,
Allurements and deceptions
What you cooked & served,
Won't dither from the confirmed;
We the architect of our fate,
Artists of the life art,
Are aware of tie how to maintain
Though in the guise of circumstances
You hurled us in annoyances
But I and Lady Contract in affinity
& treaty feel ever young & alive
Saint Chyavan got his vitality restored
For his truthfulness to God
And love for mankind.

All agonies & fears will vanish,
All lapses & angers will depart,
My love Contract lives for them
Who praise and respect the treaty.

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