Alliteration of “F” for February.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

For four frozen weeks, fanatical fiends of
frigid February find few friends favouring
frosty family frolics. Fancy locations, fully
furbished for frisky fun filled fanatics, find
feverish fools frolicking foolishly for fame,
whilst fearsome farmers frighten flocks of
foraging birds, and fiercely fend off foreign
foes from freshly fenced fields! Females are
forever flouncing fancy frills, fully aware
falderal, and frocks fit fantastic figures.
Foremost fundamental needs for fulsome folks!
As Founding Fathers fix furtive freeloaders,
from foregathering fallen figs, facts are,
flashy fellows frequently find finicky folks,
fully flummoxed following fallacious facts!
Fundamental Freudian fops and fraternal flappers,
forbid fragile forbears from footpaths, frontline
fortifications, and flagpoles! Freddie and Ferdinand’s
fellow funeral followers, focus firmly on fractious
fleas fretfully feeding at the flower festival! Feasting for
fourteen days following, finally full, the flourishing
floral foliage feeds fly familiars. Frightened fireflies,
fussing fitfully, frenziedly follow flighty February,
for faded January, fled feverishly fast, into forever!

Rhymer. February 2nd, 2016.

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