Squaring The Vicious Circle

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

People from the area, all live on the dole
Chimneys don’t smoke, because they can’t afford coal
Streets are all littered, with broken down cars
Pubs are no longer, there aren’t any bars

Walls covered with graffiti, the usual ‘tag’ sign
Boarded shop windows, a state of decline
Lead stolen from rooftops, some extra income
Even birds they struggle, to find a breadcrumb

Discipline all broken, so rife with drugs
But can’t afford carpets, floors without rugs
Food cupboards bare, cheap chips for dinner
Children deprived, become thinner and thinner

Poll tax unpaid, behind on the rent
Cigarettes and beer, most money is spent
Front door it knocks, you must simply ignore
Only the bailiffs, trying money to draw

Street corners loitering, in front garden too
From stars at night, until morning dew
Idly chattering, making no sense
No rubbish for bins, thrown over the fence

As soon as they can, kids out of the door
Encouraged to go, school more and more
A free lunch at least, a true balanced meal
In the 21st century, can this be real

Sad and true answer, is oh yes it is
Bubble has burst, there is no fizz
State of the nation, total disgrace
Left on the scrap heap, slap in the face

There aren’t any jobs, so the job centre closed
To a life of no hope, are these people exposed
They lay in their beds, until the afternoon
A comedy of errors, last chance saloon

A vicious circle, that they’ll never square
Drugs and thieving, a life of despair
For a country so rich, this shouldn’t be allowed
Far gone has the meaning, of being proud

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