A Painted Canvas (62nd Title Challenge)

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

In my mind I have a vision, this I behold
The archetypal Mona Lisa, so still and cold
And yet flushing out, like the new blooms of spring
To my life much joy, happiness you bring

You are a dream to which, I defer to each day
Wish you could speak, have something to say
The cold of the eyes, stare into a void
Staying so calm, you are not annoyed

In my hallway you hang, above the fireplace
I stop and admire, look into your face
You look back at me, an inquisitive look
In the realms of thought, I could write a book

Why can I not meet, this dream I chase
Someone like you, a beautiful face
With skin so pure, and lips so red
But all I have, are dreams instead

You are the canvas, a work of art
Something to which, I give my heart
Through hours of day, under stars at night
Forever here, a shining light

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