The 63rd Challenge: A Working Class Hero

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I was minding my own business, just walking along
Humming to myself, my favourite song
When I heard a commotion, my attention caught
I saw the old woman, she was scared and fraught

She lay on the pavement, she was badly shaking
Still clinging to her bag, she was not breaking
Her attacker still pulling, trying to grab
Pulled out a knife, as if to stab

The look of fear, in the woman’s eyes
Made my stomach turn, bad butterflies
I didn’t think, there was no need
My adrenaline, did quickly feed

I thumped him hard, off his feet he fell
I don’t think he, felt too well
I pinned him down, and called the police
His open hand, did knife release

The old woman sat up, she was properly tough
But was also lucky, this guy was rough
The police arrived, the mugger arrested
A guttersnipe, everyone detested

Paramedics they checked, she was all in a daze
Heaped upon me, praise upon praise
I’m a modern day hero, she would not stop saying
Was late for work, she was me delaying

I only did, what others would do
Working class hero, ain’t got a clue
I’m off to work, and she’s ok
Another dollar, another day

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