Basil With The Red Hair

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Could lightening strike twice, oh please surely not
But one cunning criminal, had a devious plot
It was 44 years, since he last turned his hand
To skulduggery and robbery, meticulously planned

The land of Sherlock Holmes, our greatest sleuth
Lloyds Bank the target, basement or roof
Through which to gain entry, and reap great reward
One of the biggest burglaries, a whopping great hoard

So Baker Street, was where the deed was done
The crooks unrepentant, hadn’t finished with fun
They left a message, see how Sherlock solves this
Clearly laughing, they were taking the p***

The years moved on, no doubt the profits were spent
But would they to, a final journey consent
These boys were old, but the hunger was still there
Their life of crime, was a love affair

The jewellery district, was the chosen site
Hatton Garden, throughout the night
Jewels galore, diamonds and pearls
A sure fire winner, to please the girls

This bloke Basil, with red hair hit the scene
Didn’t look like a crook, far too clean
He opened the door, and he let himself in
And the Hatton Garden robbery, did slowly begin

Basil went to the back, and the fire door freed
The team all present, as agreed
The plan was read, into action put
More speed less haste, cannot pussyfoot

They disabled the lift, down the shaft did climb
All going to plan, all running to time
Arrived at the vault, the walls were thick
Steel and cement, not fragile brick

Diamond drills were used, like the diamonds they sought
Heavy duty tools, carefully brought
They drilled and they drilled, but the tools they broke
Room went silent, not a word they spoke

They returned the next night, to finish the job
This vault they wanted, so much to rob
But they broke the rules, of the robbers’ code
They returned to the scene, of a trodden road

The Mercedes, was caught on CCTV
Sweeny Todd, was smiling with glee
Checks were made, the car was traced
The burglars nicked, many years they faced

Slowly and slowly, as each day went by
The burglars cracked, could not the police defy
Admissions made, and jewellery found
On two occasions, in a burial ground

But the police still sought, one final man
A major part, of this master plan
The missing link, a mastermind
They knew they had, this man to find

All they knew, was his name was Basil
A customer cool, able to dazzle
Where did he get the keys, how did he slip away
Completely foxed, by his foul play

So Basil was his name, red hair on his head
Hoodwinked the police, away he had fled
Would he be caught, could they close this case
The fox and the hounds, just watch this space

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