My father

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

For my father take's care of me,
I will never cease to be a child,
He is my father, I am his child,
He is my father, I am his child.

Love has neither an option,
Nor can it ever refuse,
His love is my fortress,
His love is my refuge.

I love Him, He loves me,
What more do I need,
He fulfills all my desire,
Even before I speak.

I invite you my loved ones,
I invite you my friends,
He has plenty in store,
No shortage have I ever know.

Come to my Father,
He is your Father too,
The one who cares,
The one who is true.

Some drops of tears
God's love and spiritual poems
Do not let your eye rule your heart
Gift called love
All my poems
I raise my mine eyes to the Cross

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