The Mirror

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Through hell or high water, the moral high ground even
Were you blessed with an angel, or harangued by a demon
When you looked in the mirror, the reflection did it say
Suffer fools not gladly, keep the wolves at bay

With your eyes sharply peeled, and your ears rigid pricked
Forever on your guard, won’t allow to be tricked
You look back in the mirror, your lips are sealed
But something cries out, a truth is revealed

Shadows they move, so smoothly with grace
Definitive and solid, with a blackened out face
Stealthily creeping, so quiet and calm
The mirror looks back, to warn you from harm

Butter in their mouth, some say won’t melt
What marginal friends, have you been dealt
Are they trusted and loyal, do they watch your back
Or if you turn, are you open to attack

Friends are the first, because you can select
If they’re not up to scratch, you simply press eject
And as you look at the mirror, it quietly approves
The figure looking back, any guilt it removes

Then there are so called friends, the great pretenders
Mischievous at best, with hidden agendas
The great mirror it offers, thoughts so wise
Trust not these people, it will advise

In your hour of need, notice the friends disappear
Showing true colours, so insincere
You look at the mirror, your head you shake
The mirror smiles back, this is no fake

As thick as thieves, partners in crime
The family motto, a bullish rhyme
Where passions fly, and jealousy rules
Terrible traits, the bitterest schools

Families are next, because it’s nature’s way
Into whom you’re born, you have no say
Whether you love or loathe, adore or detest
The mirror will always, your decision have blessed

Favouritism or work, money or lovers
Sibling problems, sisters and brothers
Trying to outdo, to be seen as the best
Mirror suspected, had already guessed

Indeed family arguments, are often the worst
A pariah has risen, and with the devil has cursed
You can pick you friends, but your family can’t
The mirror becomes, your confidante

You stand in front of the mirror, and you talk to yourself
The mirror talks back, with wisdom much wealth
Mirror speaks no words, but does thought convey
Emotion and anger, never on display

So if with family or friends, a problem arises
Something unwanted, one of those surprises
Talk to the mirror, you’ll get sense and affection
And he will point you, in the right direction

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