Shadow Dancers

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

When I was young and little
I had to sleep with the light on
Was naïve and so innocent
Didn’t believe anything was wrong

Over the years
And yes I’ve got older
But I’ve become much more fearful
Instead of getting bolder

I search my soul
In my head I look for answers
But all I can find
Midnight shadow dancers

Punching out I shudder
Waking up in deep sweat
The problems still haunt
Of my youth can’t forget

The knife at the bedside
Is now firmly in my hand
Ready to attack
Outstretched I stand

It’s usually a couple of minutes
Before composure is regained
By shadow dancers of my youth
I am so clearly pained

I tremble and shake
Hands paw at the wall
To find the light switch
It’s lightness I call

Now I am awake
Check the house for intrusion
My mind is a mess
Head full of confusion

Post traumatic stress disorder
A mental condition
On my mind and sanity
A war of attrition

I seek help from the doctors
The psychiatrist I see
An ulterior motive
Shadow dancers to flee

But flee they do not
Instead dance their routine
Mental health is a danger
Please find a vaccine

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