The Loose Cannon

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The political landscape has changed
Arguably from better to worse
The emergence of a loose cannon
On the world a potential curse

A man has taken to the stage
His rhetoric stoking the flames
In political interviews
Not worrying who he blames

Camped on the political far right
Considers his views fresh air
Not concerned for whom he offends
Simply he does not care

He has moved the goalposts higher
Pushed the boundaries further wide
By many he is simply adored
And by many horrified

Donald Trump is the man in question
United States a decision must face
This man to stand for President
Against or do you embrace

He has clearly highlighted issues
Isn’t afraid for barriers to break
But can he be taken seriously
There’s an awful lot at stake

The state of the world today
With terrorism and religious unrest
Where poverty wreaks throughout
Many people left depressed
He’s not impartial in his speeches
In fact he’s bigoted and quite rude
His message a potential time bomb
Analysis totally crude

When challenged he puts up a fight
But the answers do me concern
Because if you disagree
From him it’s crash and burn

There are issues for your country within
And yes you must get your house in order
But provocation is not the way
Like boasting of building a wall at the border

Likewise by banning entry to anyone Muslim
Talk about lighting the fuse
Wonder who’s next on the hit list
In line for that abuse

In the event of nuclear war
Will this man you really choose
To hover his finger over the button
Talk about the cannon coming loose

Suggesting that isolation beckons
If Trump’s the man you elect
I urge the people of America
Somebody else please select

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