Right To The Wire

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

A hurricane is building in the West
Tornado brews in the East
Potential capitalist leader
Ruling communist beast

The stakes for the future are high
Odd or even, red or black
Neither prepared to submit
Waiting to see who will crack

If Trump does stand for President
Indeed if he wins the race
Putin will greet the public
Not afraid to show his face

Tinderbox is a useful phrase
To describe these worrying acts
The potential to be so reckless
As Putin distorts the facts

Trump will bite the bait
Putin will goad some more
Tensions will reach sky high
Stock markets fall through the floor

Armies will take up positions
Warheads point in direction
Leaders continue to argue
Pure hatred with no affection

Putin commands the war games
In Syria he’s ready to play
Trump not to be outdone
Fights back like Cassius Clay

Boiling point is reached
Relations become too strained
The world is on tenterhooks
Calmness must be retained

But America you cast your vote
Concern was there to see
Trump he is a rogue
A danger of first-degree

Putin is clearly no better
In his own world he is lost
The future of our planet
Must be saved whatever the cost

The first road to stability
Is to make sure Trump doesn’t win
Kick him into touch
Knock him out with one on the chin

Embarrass him beyond embarrassment
Highlight his racist belief
Prove wrong his crazy accounting
Ensure he’s not your chief

Russia you too have a duty
Putin’s a ticking time bomb
Suppression it rules your country
Man up and prove him wrong

He wants the USSR recreated
Not bothered this how he achieves
Rolls into Crimea and territories
Russian air it gradually breaths

Trump won’t play second fiddle
Putin his shoulders will shrug
Under Trump’s skin he will creep
Try to make him more of a mug

Trump will retaliate
Or try at the very least
Putin will puff his chest
Ride his horse a communist beast

The nuclear button remains untouched
Trump’s fingers they hover so sly
Only a man completely out of his mind
Could wave this world goodbye

Trump I believe is unbalanced
Politically I’m a man of the right
But if he becomes the President
We might as well all say good night

Planet Earth you have been warned
The position is indeed now dire
If Trump becomes the President
A situation right to the wire

You have the vote please use it wisely
Make you head rule over your heart
But if you do the unthinkable
World War Three is sure to start

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