Out Of The Fire And Into The Frying Pan

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The years have taken their toil
Loss of lives has been such a waste
Escaping Syrian soil
In such fear and with much haste

Realistically there are only two places
To which these people are able to flee
One’s across the sea to Greece
The other one is Turkey

We’ve seen the tragedies of the boat people
Remember the boy on the beach
But many flee for their lives
As they try for safety to reach

The Greek islands they offer advance
Like a magnet people attract
Refugees they take chance
But Greece is now jam-packed

The influx of refugees arriving
Reaches numbers beyond wild dreams
The chances of all surviving
Are not as simple as it seems

Europe becomes problematic
After one of its leaders did call the shots
Policy flipped acrobatic
Schengen was tied in knots

Wire fences were soon erected
The borders they had been closed
Greece was disconnected
Europe’s fragility had been exposed

Free movement of people and its directive
Had never been needed so much
But the law became ineffective
As Governments began to lose touch

Refugees eventually rebelled
Fences were barged and crushed
Police with tear gas repelled
Humans for air they gushed

The situation is out of control
It has been for many years
No stopping the onward roll
As tyranny perseveres

Bringing order to the troubled lands
So called Islamic State obliterate
Covert and careful plans
Remove Assad the one they hate

Rebuild the country within
With houses and work and water
Remove this deadly sin
Of tireless human slaughter

But Europe you’re not off the hook
Should hold your head in shame
Ignored your own law book
Of the gas you lit a flame

The Greeks have had enough
They simply cannot cope
Europe dumped them in the rough
For refugees where’s the hope

An ever-changing pictorial
Moving from day to day
European editorial
Didn’t do what it did say

Let this be a lesson
The British public consider your fate
As Merkel and Tusk and others
Do build a European State

Greece was in a load of trouble
Europe it struck a deal
To burst the debt ridden bubble
And the unity sign and seal

Greece jumped out of the fire
Straight into the frying pan
And soon it did transpire
On their own they would carry the can

European Union it is a joke
The UK you really must leave
Fire it soon will smoke
Trouble you can retrieve

If they can’t get their house in order
Over an issue as important as this
Let member states shut the border
They’ve allowed blunt prejudice

This is a plan that simply won’t work
The Union has become too big
Responsibility please don’t shirk
Or your own grave you’ll start to dig

Vote leave on June twenty-third
Of our country resume control
The EU it is absurd
Just look at Greece and its savaged soul

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