Mad March Alliteration!

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Marching military men, may make March a
memorable moment, more momentous,
as others mount magnificent motorbikes.
A motley montage of machines of many makes,
marvellously machined, manufactured, and maintained,
that merge with a multitude of mock mourners mourning,
on a moody Monday morning Mardi-gras masquerade!
Meanwhile a mish-mash of mental menials make
maudlin, mawkish meandering movements, to
mingle with Madams. Mothers, Missies and
Mademoiselles, mincing with miniature mannequins
down Main Street. Momentarily motionless,
they merge with monotonic morons and mummified
Mummies, being mindful of the machinations
of men moving a massive mysterious midfield
menagerie! Mongolian monkeys munch on mangos,
and mime melodious melodic musical masterpieces
on magnificent mandolins as a munificent maestro
ministrant, migrates mentally, to memorable miasmic
memories of masterly melodic marching moments.
Meanwhile minute mystical magicians mumble modest
magical mumbo-jumbo spells to middling merchants,
masticating mucky make-do mackerel meringues,
as they muse maliciously, and malevolently on a mix
of manifestations. Mainly malignant macrocosms,
medical monstrosities, massive mountains and
minuscule monuments. Midget Mesdames
manipulate matriarchal messengers, marshalling
mendacious mutants, momentarily mulling on my
monstrous melange of March morning musings!
My, my what a memorable mumbo-jumbo, mish-mash
of mentally challenging assonant medleys methinks it is!
But my masterful, matchless, melliferous meld, a
medley of monthly maxims and mental monstrosities,
must now end! My wish? May March be memorable!

Rhymer. March 1st, 2016.

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