On Coming Back to Say Good-bye

a poem by Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Of Drop Bears
and wonderful smells
from your kitchen,
of chicken soup
jewish jokes and Monty Python
Of yelling, tears and laughter
from next door
Of sailing, bonfires and
trips in cars,
Of first kisses, warm smiles
and days on the beach
in tranquil laziness,
Of playing ball
and water-fights
and a breakfast at sunrise
in the forest
Of growing up slowly,
Of all these things that recall a face to my memory
There is one smile that I see that helped to form my own

One voice less to laugh together
at our childhood
One more smile in the night
to bring me warmth

(for my dear departed friend, Mark Feldman, circa 1988)

Dear Death
The Art of Dying
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