Sparing Time

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

To spare some time, is this a hard thing to do
Share a few moments, with the vulnerable few
Open your ears, your lips prise apart
Offer some hope, in life a new start

Never look down, and never ignore
Express your eyes, a new life explore
Carefully listen, and drop to your knee
Show some concern, and listen to the plea

There is no set place, as this could happen anywhere
Where you spared a few moments, to show that you care
You may just find, in life you gave hope
To help someone, unable to cope

A children’s playground, or the school classroom
Where for some poor child, trouble did loom
Listened to their problems, you lent your ear
Perhaps you may, allay their fear

The man in rags, sitting outside the station
In every city, around this nation
Was in need of help, just a simple thing
Your time to him, did comfort bring

The lonely one, at the cliff top ledge
Who clearly looked, too much on edge
You offered help, and sat and talked
The final journey, was not walked

The redundant one, their job just lost
Fearful this, their house would cost
Depressive mood, unstable mind
Your few words, received were kind

The opening question, of this poetic verse
Is sparing time, a human curse
It’s hardly taxing, be a little brave
Because in sparing time, a life can save

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