The 64th Challenge: Is Too Much Knowledge A Dangerous Thing (The Baton Holder's Interpretation)

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Ever been labelled, with academic brilliance
Achieved through study, unbroken resilience
Bursting with pride, you must be thrilled
Scholarly genius, one so skilled

Forever the tradesman, them so bespoke
Like the Caped Crusader, turn up in a cloak
Builder or plumber, joiner or electrician
With practical skills, the pure magician

But learn to walk, before you can run
Or else the trouble, will have begun
Throw caution to the wind, less speed more haste
Throw not away, this chance and waste

So let’s turn the tables, this charming sin
Is too much knowledge a dangerous thing
Sticky predicaments, fingers burned
And all because, of what you’ve learned

An ailment comes, think you know the cure
There’s no recovery, now you’re unsure
Seek Doctor’s advice, he’s not impressed
With the world of medicine, you have messed

You’re down the pub, for some unholy reason
You commit the sin, ultimate treason
Politics discussed, argument ensues
A heavy punch, trouble brews

Take a legal case, you know you’re right
Prepared and ready, you take the fight
But the Judge he frowns, he takes offence
On this occasion, sides with Defence

For richer or poorer, wounded you stand
Things turned out not, as you had planned
An innocent debate, on your knowledge was built
Now you’re left feeling, all the guilt

So too much knowledge, just what does it bring
Joy and happiness, or a dangerous thing
Take a deep breath, and know when to use
Dive not feet first, the right time choose

Sparing Time
The Maltese Falcon Vol VI
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