My dear child

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Why can you see yourself as I do
These things the world feeds you, they seem true
But trust me they are not real
Who you are doesn't depend on how you feel

I made you in my image but you tell me that can't be
Each day you stare into the mirror but still you cannot see
The beauty I have given you isn't in magazines or books
It's not based on worldly perceptions or on how you look.

I have planted true beauty much deeper within
Much deeper than, your physical skin and bones
But you say to me, you just don't understand
I need the world to see me so I can take your stand.

It saddens me to hear you say I'm not enough
That you need something more, I understand it can be tough
But I am asking just one thing from you
Look to and trust in everything I do.

Your worth and beauty doesn't depend on you
It's a gift from me, I promise its true
I don't need you to try, iv got it all in hand
Just spend time with me Iv got everything planned

So please stop worrying if your doing things well
Or if your beauty stands out because you make my heart swell
Your worth is in me, not what you say or do
Just look at me darling - I love you!!

Is it you Lord?
Walking with God

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