a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Fear is overwhelming but I can't break free
Screaming on the inside, why can't anybody see
Living in the shadows of what this life could be
But too scared to move forward, too scared to be me

The world around is laughing at what I have become
They wouldn't dare admit it, pass it off as a bit of fun
I wish things could be different, I know it is for some
But I'm scared to even express it, my emotions have become numb

There is no escape from the fear inside, at least that is how I feel
Trying desperately to escape, the hurt and pains just too real
A hand held out a glimmer of hope but not enough to break the seal
No matter what I do it's never enough even when it seems ideal

Too much for me to deal with, it's too hard to let it go
Years of mounting doubt and fear, too much for anyone to know
Still holding on to that glimmer, looking for a lasting glow
But the fear overwhelming chokes any hope that might grow

The weight of the world on my shoulder drags me down further
But in an attempt to disguise my anguish, I act like a complete clown
If they can't see how I'm feeling it won't make them frown
I never wanted to upset anyone but for that I became renown

But one day all this changed when it became to much
Life was out of control or at least defined as such
Until that day the hand reached out and I at least felt the touch
Of the one who loves me and wants to be my crutch

The glimmer of hope is finally real and his hand held out melted my fear
My whole life had become hazy, but now all is clear
I don't have to run now because I know he is near
His love overwhelms me and his strong hand holds me dear.

My dear child
Walking with God

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