a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Nobody will understand what goes through me,
when you don't talk to me.
Hundred of thoughts, like a whip, lash out at me.
I know your world won't shrink with me missing in it.
But my world is brighter with you in it.
I am nothing special, that I very well know,
But its painful to see sometimes,
a stray drop of tear running through.
My heart wishes, you miss me too,
But that is a dream that won't ever come true.
It will all take a month for you to forget me,
and to do the same, I'll strive silently.
You'll never know about the countless tears I have shed,
because those tears are worthless.
It slices my heart to imagine the scenario,
when you would stop needing me anymore.
Need was what I was to you,
what you were to me, you would never know.
I took the step to move away,
Because sometimes every talk gnawed at my heart,
and its hard to keep smiling with all the pain.
Someday in future you'll remember me,
For me, I promise, I will never forget.

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