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Can love usher in, the hope long dead?
Can love notice the things unsaid?
Can love be constant like the pole star?
Can love brighten my world, near or far?
Can love unlock the secrets of the heart?
Can love provide a new start?
Can love untangle the knots of life?
Can love cure the wounds of time?
Can love bring in happiness and peace?
Can love make the regrets to ease?
Can love glorify my life and existence?
Can love change lives in an instant?
Can love fulfill the dreams I have?
Can love give me the bond I crave?
Can love chase away all the fears?
Can love sooth the tensions one bears?
Can love provide a shoulder to lean on?
Can love stay put when everything is gone?
Can love be the strength when I fall down?
Can love understand the unspoken sound?
Can love become the support i need?
Can love stand by me in every deed?
Can love gather my broken bits?
Can love beautify the world I inhabit?
Can love find me behind the closed doors?
Can love help the pains to cure?

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