Sincere Views

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Oh yes indeed, I do enthuse
And bow to you, your sincere views
I feel the pouring, of those emotions
They slowly flood, from your devotions

On your shoulders, you take the weight
To rid our world, of this hate
Educate, and throw some light
With this evil, you strive to fight

The air of silence, is all but broken
Finally, the words are spoken
Realisation, is set in stone
No longer feeling, all alone

The learning curve, which is surpassed
Is arduous, it is not fast
But the time has come, and the day is here
To lay to rest, this gruesome fear

A lot of people, their duty failed
End result, your life derailed
Brushed aside, swept from the tracks
Incompetence, of this it smacks

The hurt you felt, the pain within
Scarred for life, marks on your skin
It has not gone, your mind still haunts
The memory, it cruelly taunts

The work you do, is noticed much
Delicate theme, a topic such
That needs promotion, awareness great
A worthy cause, to advocate

The unwritten rule, is children protect
From a life of woe, one of neglect
From start to finish, your sincere views
Are ideas that, I hope we’ll choose

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