No One Has The Right.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

No one has the right to kill and indiscriminately maim,
Whatever religion or creed, we are all the same.
Life has much more value, and should be cherished in every way,
No matter what radicalised fanatics do or say.

No one has the right to carry out these abominable acts,
Preying on innocent victims with evil planned attacks.
There is nothing to be gained by the suffering and pain,
They must not gain credence, or those lives will be lost in vain.

No one has the right to be forgiven, for motivational insanity,
Affecting so many people, and leaving scars on all of humanity.
We must all rise above, and not stoop to the level they show,
We must carry on living with the beliefs and morals we know.

No one has the right to decide when someone's life should cease,
There must be someway that we can all live in some kind of peace.
So whatever atrocities take place, and whatever location it is in,
We must carry on with our lives, and must not ever let them win.

Copyright Mark Ainslie 2016.

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