Some time it makes me wonder

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Some times it makes me wonder,
Why should the Son of God,
Die for lost mankind at all,
I wonder how can it be.

The one who made the universe,
The one who created all,
Should die to save the lost mankind,
Should die to save one and all.

For the sake of His breath,
He breathed in Eden on man,
The saviour of the world had to come,
To claim His creation back.

What a colossal price to pay,
Dying to save the dust,
Dust on which He had breathed,
To him even that dust had worth.

Count your worth, my dear child,
Count your worth my dear one,
For your sake, the saviour died,
Have you ever heard of such love?

He loves you, you are never alone
He loves you, no sobs of loneliness,
He loves you, no dejection to grief,
He loves you what more do you need.

In this sophisticated world
God's love and spiritual poems
He holds the destiny of the world
Which face is my true face?
All my poems
Should I fight with Him?

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