Which face is my true face?

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Which face is my true face,
Or is it just masks,
Tell me oh my soul,
I have questions,to ask,

Is it the smile
That's synonymous to my face
Or is it too distant
Too far from all my ways.

Am I joyous or its just a mask,
A mask, a mask, a mask ,
Why did you ask,alas!
Why did you ask,alas!

So many a time I wear it,
It blends perfectly every time,
I feel I will be exposed,
If It falls anytime.

Let me be covered,
Let me in it hide,
This mask is my face,
Let me in it abide.

Inner Child (71st inspirational challenge)
Facts of life
This Jacob is Israel.
All my poems
Some time it makes me wonder

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