The Bell Tower

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

How many times must the eagles they fly
Before they reach the golden beach
And how many times must the bell tower chime
Before the preacher can preach

The winds they can blow and the sun it can shine
The days they all turn into weeks
The drink it is blessed be it water or wine
The wise man waits his turn before he speaks

The night oil burns and the babies they sleep
Parents share their thoughts and think ahead
Nerves take a hold and the eyes start to weep
The fortune with all hope seems to have fled

Farmers strive on as they harvest the crop
The fishermen set sail and out to sea
Rains run amok and they manage to stop
Things don’t turn out as they’re meant to be

The purses are empty and the cupboards are bare
The children with hunger feel the pain
The life is so sad and so full of despair
It leaves a lowly mark a nasty stain

The eagles they land and the preacher he speaks
A miracle of life chose to return
The farmers work on and the fishing boat it creaks
Of life a message that we all could learn

The chickens they lay and the cows they do graze
Fishermen come home and farmers rest
The sun has shone through and so warm is the haze
The hope it didn’t fade we passed the test

The children are fed and the parents do smile
Family is strong a test of time
Things they panned out though it took quite a while
Bell tower rings out with its final chime

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