The 65th Challenge: A Narrator For The Spaces In-between

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

I hear your words they make me cry
As I look up and point towards the sky
My eyes they slowly fill with tears
Worn away are all the fears
Gradually the mist it clears

The birds take flight and fly away
But still I listen just to what you say
The words they really resonate
So full of love devoid of hate
They catch my mind and captivate

You speak so soft, so crisp your voice
Handpicked so well, your words they are so choice
Their meaning’s well and is so deep
Like the ivy they do creep
They make me rest and gently sleep

With throbbing heart my hands reach out
A lowly whisper yes I want to shout
Oh please for me can you repeat
To hear these words is such a treat
Now I do feel so complete

And from these words I’ve surely learned
That when they’re built bridges cannot be burned
Upon the platform which you stand
How I want to hold your hand
My sentiment was never planned

I thank you greatly for these words
And returning are those peaceful birds
So full of grace the great white dove
They are filled with peace and love
Do fill the sky way up above

Lost Communities
The Maltese Falcon Vol VI

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