a poem by tobias kerins, UK

When I’m walking, I’m often seen talking
People they just look and stare
But I’m in no hurry, no need to worry
About what they think or care

I am so immune, in my own cocoon
Butterflies and strawberry field
Sticks and stones, can’t break my bones
In an airtight vacuum I’m sealed

With hands in pockets, like plugs in sockets
Outside world is connected
Current is strong, as I walk along
With shield I am protected

Then the world it crashes, so bright the flashes
Blinded by light am I
Reality begins, my head it spins
Demand outstripped by supply

So I stop and pause, in the great outdoors
The thoughts do slowly destroy
In a Trojan horse, I’m hid of course
Just like Helen of Troy

In my own small space, on my own I face
A dilemma and future unsure
On sympathy sent, I’m not hell-bent
Just want to find a cure

I continue to walk, continue to talk
Oblivious to all around
Will I win or lose, I cannot choose
Until a cure it may be found

A mind of pollution, what’s the solution
Paranoia is deeply engraved
Friends or foes, the fear it grows
To this life I am enslaved

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