Captives in Chains

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

From a broken home
They managed to escape
The streets they roam
Lives try to reshape

The bright lights of Soho
A luring temptation
Dark twisting streets
Complete fascination

Many a young mind
In these streets are lost
Outcome unkind
They find to their cost

Looking for work
Ideally cash-in-hand
Figure on the corner
Does quietly stand

Approaches are made
Not what was expected
Soho brigade
The weak have selected

Tyranny does lure
A life of crime
So insecure
Trawling through grime

The carrot was dangled
Much money was shown
Depravity entangled
Self-respect is blown

Alcohol and drugs
Needles in veins
Ruled by the thugs
Captives in chains

Enslavement ensued
Sex unprotected
Trouble it brewed
Disease soon detected

As time went by
Situation did worsen
The end was nigh
Destroyed this person

Used and abused
They were shown the door
Dazed and confused
Wanted no more

Back on the streets
Beaten and drugged
Nowhere to turn
Shoulders they shrugged

Only a matter of time
And soon they are found
Curled up in the corner
Dead on the ground

A solution they seek
Police asking questions
But no one will speak
No clues or suggestions

Terrible tragedy
An innocent exposed
Those dark seedy streets
Will never be closed

The Maltese Falcon Vol VI
Band of Gold

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