A NARRATOR FOR THE SPACES IN-BETWEEN(the 65th Musketeers Inspirational challenge)

a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Humans have divided land and fenced territories,
the divisions are considered mandatory.
We humans can never be the narrators
for the spaces in-between.

There are no borders for birds, rivers and air,
they travel unhindered, without any care.
They fill the gaps of the spaces in-between,
their movement is hardly ever intervened.

Flying through the limitless sky,
unperturbed and undisturbed they fly.
The birds rule the sky and know no borders,
they don’t follow the human orders.

Men made countries, men made towns,
the flight of birds knows no bound.
These creatures travel where men can’t go,
they have no country which they call their own.

The air blows in every direction,
visits places unknown to us without any discretion.
It whispers the tales of undiscovered lands and greens,
It’s a silent narrator of the spaces in-between.

The air blows across places we can’t even travel,
It partakes of unseen charms and marvel.
There can always be a no-man’s land,
but air is free to touch every drop of water, every grain of sand.

Rivers bend the way they decide,
the rules of countries and borders they never abide.
They travel through countries unchallenged,
It transverse land and makes its own passage.

The noise of flowing water is music to the ears,
Which countries it flows through, it doesn’t care.
The winding ways of the rivers, a border never intervenes,
Because it also is a narrator for the spaces in-between.

Men might be mighty, men maybe powerful,
But the nature is more resourceful.
The movement of men, borders can intervene,
But nature is a narrator for the spaces in-between.

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