a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

All I asked for was my pencil..,Demola!!
But you returned your fist instead...a brouhaha!
You simply should have said you lost it...or is it broken Demola?

Demola the seconds have met the minutes,the days now sprout months and many more years yet to come...
The almond we watered have now become a forest...Demola can u hear me!!

People say you refer me a stranger now...
But once you said to me there was none like a stranger..
So soon you forget that we both cut from the same tree.,
He who created you, didn't he make me too..
Have u now seen a colour differently Demola!
The grasses you see, have they now become blue when watered...
And when the sun burns, do u now freeze in heat..!

Demola you forget too soon that its the same sky we lay beneath,
Rumour said he saw the stars visit you at noon,
Demola did u count them alone, if so was it fun without me Demola..?

I'm on the streets where the mangoes smile when we kiss,
I saw the bridge, I laid under it with hopes to drown,
But the Luke warm waters have now vanished.
All I hear is its waves that echoes through the corridors of my memory..

Demola what have u become... Hot or Cold!
Demola please be hot... Cause If you are hot, the thoughts of hurt won't be bought.
Demola please be cold...if you are cold, the tale of coat would not be told..

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