IF THE WORLD SEEMS COLD TO YOU, KINDLE FIRES TO WARM IT( 66th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge Tit

a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

I saw a child running towards his mother,
complaining about the heartless world that bothers.
The mother gathered the child in her lap,
and gave him an advice which was truly apt.

The simplicity with which the mother explained,
would have inspired anyone with the knowledge gained.
A beautiful piece of advice came from her,
necessary not only for the child but for all of us.

The child’s eyes watched the face of his mother,
The tears were forgotten and the face became eager.
She said, if the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it,
To see the change in the world, be the change in it.

The world will remain a heartless place to survive,
If you yourself won’t be the light it needs to get revived.
Be the spark that can light a fire,
Become the warmth from which others get inspired.

The world is cold because the warmth is missing,
Kindness and human values are slowly sinking.
Bring love and hope into this desolate world,
Make them your light & brighten your surroundings up.

The cold world needs a light beacon,
Though you’ll be a small speck, yet it can work wonders.
Believe in yourself and your potential to bring light,
Be the first spark that illuminates the night.

Complaining about the world won’t help the cause,
You’ll need to bring the negativities to a pause.
Make your heart the place where warmth resides,
Do your part to bring goodness, so that the world survives.

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