Me And My Candlestick

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

The Red Sea parts like our love did rest
The Danube splits old Budapest
The Berlin Wall fell brick by brick
But I still hold a light in my candlestick

You’re like the bird that flies from the trees
The fox from the bloodhound that runs and flees
The gazelle that gallops across the plain
How I long to see and hold you again

The shooting star that sped away
My darkest hour and saddest day
A galloping horse that jumps the fence
My mind’s a mess it makes no sense

They say that leopards don’t change their spots
Cheetahs can often end up in knots
The stripes of a zebra are black and white
In my candlestick I still hold a light

The day begins with the morning dawn
Wake up next to you with the curtains drawn
Finish off at night with the moonlit sky
To know that you are close nearby

The evergreen woods grow year after year
Here for life don’t disappear
The fish they swim in the oceans wide
Our love is in and out like the tide

I must now make the clearest confession
To thus create the perfect impression
Of how I love you so and deeply care
And wish that I was with you there

I have much time for reflection
Whatever your perception
I’m feeling raw not pretentious
But I know it’s contentious

Just me and my candlestick
Sincere my rhetoric
Come back and be by my side
Let love once again preside

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