Lost In The Rough

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Old northern towns, in the Lancashire hills
Where there once did stand, the old working mills
But the wheels stopped turning, ground to a halt
On people’s lives, a lethal assault

Coal mines of Yorkshire, drilled deep underground
Now stand idle, silent no sound
The lights went out, coal no longer produced
Hardship and poverty, were introduced

Glasgow city, along the banks of the Clyde
Famed for shipbuilding, now it has died
Where once it was a fleet, now only a hope
Generations worked here, how will they cope

The industrious north-east, has been allowed to wallow
A bitter pill, for people to swallow
Mass production shut down, industry slow
Why were the jobs, all allowed to go

The land of Ulster, the Belfast docks
While looking for work, the man he flocks
Work dries up, just evaporates
They all queue up, at unemployment gates

The Cornwall mines, produced masses of tin
Production is now, so painfully thin
Conveyor belts cease, and tin mines are closed
How industry slowly, has decomposed

The fisherman of Grimsby, and Scottish Peterhead
No more they sail, for the nets are dead
The fish still swim, but the business has sunk
To the bottom of the sea, in a sailor’s trunk

The valleys of Wales, where steel once shone
Same old story, it’s all but gone
People they struggle, to put food on the table
Another community, crippled unstable

So this is the country, that we live in today
We wait to hear, what the Government will say
With bated breath, many people wait
To see how we, can correct our State

The answer it seems, are call centres galore
Charity shops, open door after door
Internet cafes abound, and the coffee shop
The demise of industry, knows not how to stop

The booming industry, is the Labour Exchange
Where people feel cheated, receive short change
Few jobs to offer, in the trades they learned
The past has passed, to the stake it’s burned

Innovation is poor, creation not enough
Those of an age, left lost in the rough
We need to reinvent, most definitely invest
Government these matters, must be addressed

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