#67th Musketeer Challenge..........Pictures in Frames

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Standing proud with provenance, on a table of Georgian oak
Draped in lace, which hung like a cloak
Stood the jewellery box, alongside portraits in frames
Alone on a table, can’t remember the names

With wistful looks, memories do flood
Clearly water, is much thinner than blood
The memory does struggle, yes to recall the names
Of those beautiful faces, in picture frames

This table of love, so perfectly round
Jewellery box silent, doesn’t make a sound
Pictures they speak, in you they confide
Heart it aches, as you painfully cried

The curtains are drawn, the room well dimmed
You stood in respect, with pride you brimmed
The jewellery box, with its jewels did shine
Emeralds so green, with diamonds so fine

Where the blood was thicker, you began to remember
1918, the eleventh of November
Picking up the pictures, you kissed and embraced
The missing memories, the ones you had chased

A love you treasured, believed to be eternally lost
You vowed to find, no matter what the cost
Yet there it stood, all these days and years
And when it was found, reduced you to tears

Strange how a table, in a plain and simple room
Can invigorate life, remove the gloom
That jewellery box, and those picture frames
Are to gentle love, eternal flames

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