In your room of joy on a delicate round table of your kindness, dishes spread flavour of cordiality

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

In a room of gentle love,
There lies a beautifully carved table
Where I & she tasted first the joy,
Different from that when I was a boy
& felt the warmth with all tenderness,
Cozy hope flickered from glow of lips,
Dark cloudy hair embracing the waste
And from the bright magical eyes,
Every meeting in the room of love,
Was a promise to make life a heaven;
The room of love gave birth to kindness
With coming of children who sat on table
& learnt love, respect and compassion.

As the time advanced we grew thick & slack
With pain in knees & slightly swollen bellies,
Black & white on head crossing half way,
I and she sit around the table,
Eying into her eyes I asked, are you O.K.?
Remember the days when in every sigh
Heard cooing of heart on the beats of thrills;
Now awaiting the home coming of grown ups
Who will relish the meal of love & kindness
Along with new couples in friendliness
And will learn to hope for better
To repair all distortions outside our room of love
With fittings of empathy, compassion & promissory
To live for each other, set a table of kindness
And to turn every house a room of love
That will show light even when the transformer
In rains, wild tempests & in dashes of quakes,
Fails and darkness envelops.

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