THE WORDS HE SAID...(Written For The 67th Musketeer Inspiration Challenge)

a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

------The poem comes through from a male narrator------

I had a past, memories that were happy and sublime,
Time and I had moved on, my heart was left behind.
She was a minx never to be mine again,
Preserving those memories made perfect sense.
My listless eyes no more searched for love,
That happiness was lost to me, I judged.

Life moved on in its own pace,
One day I saw you silently working away.
I came near and you smiled,
I thought a maiden like you would have a perfect life.
I envied you for your recluse,
Thinking your small world won’t show you pains,
But the more I leaned closer the more I learnt,
You were hurt and pained no doubt,
But you had learned to move on.
Your heart was a home, clean and spotless,
where no one had entered at all.
In your room of gentle love,
on that delicate round table of your kindness,
I rediscovered my life and learnt to love again.
You brought back my lost heart,
back from my past, slowly and steadily,
And handed it back to me before even my knowing.
Those old memories became my past
And there they would forever stay,
Because at your loving ministrations
I found my future’s way.

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