If the world seems cold to you, kindle fire of relations in the fuels of love and kindness

a poem by Raghunandan Ram, India

Blockage in pulmonary veins,
Weakening social reins,
Passivity to love & kindness,
Apathy to people in weariness;
Lack of warmth in hand shaking,
Serenity in opinion making;
Palsied manner & frosted labour,
Are all slackening & cooling
To make them walk in cold wave
With icy lips, frozen nostrils
Foggy sighs & rusted mood
And shiver all in detested move.
Those who are warm-suited
& those who are cold hearted
To hear one in critical moment,
Feel colder than the ill-fated.

If the world seems so cold,
Kindle fire of bold relations
In the fuels of love and kindness
To warm up the frame of liveliness,
To undo the strokes of weariness
& to prove the world is still warm
To enjoy & share bliss of life.

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