The Vows

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

He stood, like the Rock of Gibraltar
Alone and deserted, left at the altar
The silence it fell, so quiet was the room
Stuck in despair, the helpless bridegroom

Untouched and unused, were the two gold bands
The very ones, that were meant to change hands
The Vicar astounded, couldn’t mutter a word
Bridegroom lost, his vision was blurred

No bride did appear, no maids or pages
Time stood still, it seemed like ages
Music it stopped, whispering did start
Somebody clearly, had a change of heart

Best man stood forward, put his hand on the shoulder
He was the groom’s, rock and boulder
The eyes said it all, and no words were spoken
Before the vows were read, they were already broken

Stepping outside, this huge gallant church
A car sped off, on the tarmac did lurch
The tin cans rattled, but no confetti flew
There would be no wedding, the bridegroom knew

You could just make out, the sign on the back of the car
Although it was speeding, it hadn’t gone far
Definitely not it read, I’m not getting married
In bloodshot red, was the sign it carried

Reception was cancelled, instead to the pub and get drunk
So cruel the day, to new lows he had sunk
To the bottom of a glass, he and the Best Man they spoke
Asking questions, on tears they did choke

With heads so sore, the very next day
They searched for answers, come what may
But no one could be found, no sight of the would-be bride
A sad old story, of where the love had died

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