[for the 57th inspiration challenge] MY PAGE IS A CANVAS, AND MY PEN IS A BRUSH...

a poem by Mobani Biswas, India - poetry writer, author, poet

My page is a canvas, and my pen is a brush,
as i paint with words a portrait of us.
The colours you bring into my life,
maybe tough to depict in black and white.
Still I'll strive to show what you bring into my life,
the bountiful happiness hard to describe.

Imagine the happiness of the earth
when she receives the first rain,
That's the kind of happiness you give & I gain.
Imagine the soft winds
blowing the dead leaves away,
That's the way you blow my troubles away.

Imagine the vast ocean and the limitless sky,
That's the amount of comfort you provide.
Seen the daisy with no smell of its own?
You are the one to appreciate a daisy over a rose.
Imagine the colours that spring brings with it,
That's how you colour my life and beautify it.

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