a poem by Phillip Joseph Hussey, UK

Where the sun’s fire burns the earth
With a heat that’s truly tempered
Casting its force ever on the veld
Reaping all the seasons it has sown
Cooled by sudden thunderstorms
With lightning plagued dark clouds
The skies imbued in lights spectrum
In the dawning rise and dusking set
Cries of the Fish Eagle haunt the sky
A lion’s roar breaks the night air
The humming insects soothing sound
The whispering grasses kiss your ears
While the velvet night sky is decked
With myriads of bright twinkling stars
The crocodiles murmuring thrusts
Elephants crunching acacia pods
Bleating from a newborn wildebeest
The scattered hills with rocky mounds
Creeper filled grottoes, and wild flowers
Shining stones and flint like pebbles
Busy fire ants, brooding silent spiders
The timid cackle of a guinea fowl
The howling yelps of wild dogs
Mingling with the rushing rivers
Creating mystical musical sounds
Yearning for Africa, the place to be

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