The Musketeers Challenge # 68 (“I walk like I’ve got oil wells, pumping in my living room’’)

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

(A gushing reply to our friend Raghunandan's flowing title)

A ‘nodding donkey’ I’ve been liken’d to
As gait betray’d the source of new found wealth
For ‘Neath my home ‘black gold’ didst once accrue
Projecting moi as picture of rude health
I ‘bounced along’ as if could walk on air
Acknowledging such status as bestow’d
On one, who’d then become a Billionaire
(Midst Oligarchs and Royalty…. bestrode)
Yet simple things in life I crave once more
No need of adulation undeserved
Perchance to taste existence heretofore
A time and place for which I was prepared
Tho I am wont to dream; such times rehash
Liquidity of assets may seem rash

Aramis /|\

Footnote: - ‘nodding donkey’ is a reciprocating piston pump (surface mounted on a horizontal beam)

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