Take my hand dear sister (lyrics)

a poem by Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

In loving memory of Vicki Kalgovas
Written for her sister, my dear friend, Miranda.

Take my hand dear sister,
As we wander down this path
and I’ll find you when I need you
in the Enchanted Forest

So I’ll just pop out the door
And you can wander away
To pick purple and orange mastershalums in your back yard
It’s time for you to go, to wander through the door
And I’ll meet you in the 100 Acre Wood

And the silver thread that runs between us, held you here so long,
If it’s time for you to go, I won’t like it, but that’s ok.
You’re beautiful brown eyes are fearless
Honey and Pooh and Piglet won’t go away

I think I’ll put the book down, and take a step outside,
Through laughter and tears, a sari and song,
I’ll leave you in the Enchanted Forest.

So off you go to sleep, nothing to worry about here,
with a wall full of memories, flowers all round
Our candles flicker a gentle light
and silver birches through the window.

So take my hand dear sister, 
As we wander down this path
and I’ll find you when I need you 
in the Enchan…ted For….est

(lilting 3s) ah..

Copyright 2016

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