The Adversity Within

a poem by Lady Shaula Salathe, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

The Adversity Within
(lyrics inspired by the writings of Tim Lawrence)

Her sophisticated platitudes
from subcontinental latitudes appalled me
But her carriage oh so debonaire and her joie de vie and saviour faire enthralled me

I won’t construct some delusional narrative
so I feel better ‘bout being alive
How I took responsibility
So I don’t merely live, but I thrive

Take your sanctimonious porn
and let me grieve
Give me the right to be sad over what I believe

There were days when I thought that I’d drown in the shame
and things so dark that you dare not give them a name

Weave this this grief into the fabric of my life
Stand beside me without words
As I traverse the mountains of my mind
And I swim
through Adversity Within

Down and down and down into the water
Please don’t follow me or you’ll drown
Just stay afloat up there upon the water
And wait for me to come up when I’m down

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