On Which Side Do You Butter The Bread

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

A referendum was called, the result is known
Beckon the future, or all hope blown
The country divided, right down the middle
Discussion is rife, to sort out this riddle

The Leave vote won, by just four percent
With dubious claims, their case did present
The Remain vote lost, hadn’t polled enough
Their opinions too, were dubious stuff

Resentment ran high, and arguments ensued
The opinions of others, were woefully viewed
Families split, and friends they fell out
Over the issue of stay, or simply get out

People in high places, their opinions expressed
Their love of Europe, they gently caressed
Bank of England Governor, the Prime Minister too
Were stuck to Europe, like the strongest glue

On the other side, stood ministers strong
Who hated the EU, and said it was wrong
The UKIP leader, the Justice Minister
Screamed the EU, was something sinister

Free movement of people, was a stumbling block
As European people, to the UK did flock
The country is full, the Leavers did cry
There is no more, you’ve bled us dry

Those who voted to remain, completely disagreed
Come if you’re German, a Pole or a Swede
Our borders are open, there’s enough to go round
Come build your lives, on brand new ground

Of how our laws were determined, was another factor
From the boats of the sea, to the farming tractor
Who we can deport, and with whom we trade
The Leavers they launched, a vicious tirade

The Remain side on this, were a little muted
For the powers we had, were to Europe commuted
They suggested change, but offered little
The Leave side surged, into their lead did whittle

The British culture, sacrosanct to many
From Queen and country, to pound and penny
Was where Leave tried to prove, that whatever the cost
This would be saved, and it would never be lost

The Remain side too, was deeply proud
And said that this, would not be allowed
They loved our ideals, and our way of life
From Armagh to Kent, and Cornwall to Fife

Newcastle declared, followed by Sunderland after
Tears of joy, roars of laughter
It was nip and tuck, running neck and neck
Many a politician, was a nervous wreck

By four in the morning, it became clear to see
That the UK would be, from the EU free
Wales and England, had voted out
But Ulster and Scotland, for the EU did shout

There were clear divisions, in a geographical term
And to leave or stay, they did confirm
London, Ulster and Scotland too
Held to the rest of the country, a different view

Of more referenda, there is now talk
That Scotland and Ulster, from the UK will walk
Irish reunification, Scottish independence
A storm in a teacup, or a required attendance

The Scots no longer, wanted a link
To a United Kingdom, that did stubbornly sink
The connection to Europe, where all ties were broken
They didn’t agree, with the opinion spoken

Now to decide, to the ballot box again
Independence for Scotland, they will try to regain
Head ruled by the heart, the heart by the head
Which side for you, do you butter the bread

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