Hijacked And Hollowed

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

People in high places, hands on the levers of power
The world we live in, where man does cower
Not knowing the future, what the days ahead do hold
Shivers down the spine, a feeling so cold

Gone are the days, tranquillity and calm
Instead we have warfare, derisory harm
Lives destroyed, human blood spilt
The brutal assassin, who feels no guilt

Communities they split, suspicions arise
Know your neighbour, look right in the eyes
Different habits, changes of mood
To remain alert, to be so shrewd

Opinions divided, different religions followed
But the sense of faith, has surely been hollowed
Perhaps hijacked is better, a word to use
That these radicalised minds, chose to abuse

Those who preach, take their time to dictate
A terrible business, to spread their hate
Attack vulnerable minds, their evils infest
The stomach it turns, it’s hard to digest

London and Paris, Brussels and Nice
Where human lives, no longer cease
Twins towers they fell, planes disappeared
Callous murder, engineered

The call for peace, falls upon deaf ears
Whole of the world, unsafe from fears
These barbaric acts, such hate filled crime
Make no sense, no reason or rhyme

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