A world where...

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Sometimes I wonder what it's all for
The long days the dark nights
There has got to me more

More than a job just for jobs sake
To pay the bills or they keep you awake
Time for your family, to go and have fun
And not live in fear because that man has a gun

A world where the news isn't full of disaster
But instead all the hurt is covered with a plaster
A world where famine and hunger no longer exist
And the urge to wage war, leaders will resist

A world where people care for more than their own
Breaking conformity, entering the unknown
Daring to be different, to stand out from the crowd
Where the truth is essential, not just 'allowed'.

A world where children know they are free
To learn and to laugh, the world they can see
As a place of beauty and peaceful resolve
Not remembering the war as we watched it dissolve

A world where old people aren't sitting alone
But instead are made welcome into each family home
A world were your colour, your gender, your race
Doesn't define who you are but is something to embrace

A world built on community and love for each other
The homeless, the destitute, the ones who suffer
A world where hope doesn't seem like a lie
And people aren't struggling just to get by

A world where shame isn't a torture weapon
The past is the past, we allow people to get on
Where dreams are reality and fears are a challenge
To try something new, restoring the balance

That mum with her baby, struggling to cope
The father who works hard to afford even soap the girl they don't like, who they taunt and tease
The boy who stole a bike, desperate to please

Imagine a world where this wasn't the truth
And people didn't have to fight nail and tooth
But instead could be happy and live together
And in each each other we found the treasure

It seems impossible, sounds like a dream
A far off land, where no one is supreme
But imagine if took the world and made it smaller
Made it individual, we would suddenly be taller

What if this world, as each individual
We made an effort to change, it would be residual
If every person took time to be kind
To accept others, heart over mind

Imagine the difference, we could be living the dream
What can feel overwhelming, is not all that it seems.

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